Inauguration of Pediatric Sports Injury Clinic at Palakkad, Kerala

Had a great start to the #Pediatric #Sports #Injury Clinic at Rajiv Gandhi Co-Operative Hospital, #Palakkad #Kerala.

It was inaugurated as a combined event conducted by the Olympic Athletic Club of Palakkad and Palakkad District Cooperative Hospital, Palakkad. The event was organized at the Athletic Track at Government Medical College Palakkad on 15th May 2019.

It was attended by Mr Haridas the coach of the Olympic Athletic Club , Mr. Ashraf the Vice President of the Cooperative Hospital Palakkad, Sports Council of India-Palakkad dignitaries , Athletes who have participated in Olympics, Asian, Special Olympics or National Games.

The Pediatric Orthopedic and Sports Injury team from Palakkad comprising of Senior Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Ravi G Nair, Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Easwar T.R (myself !) , Dr. Nishanth V.S (Orthopedic Surgeon Fellowship trained in Arthroscopic Surgery ) and Physiotherapists Mr. Biju Bhaskar and Mr. Sivadas were present.

#Olympic, Asian, Special Olympic and National Game stars were a special attraction in the event, needless to say. Athelete stars Sree Shankar, Gokul, Abdul Rahman, Vishu Priya were honored for their achievements.

There is wonderful potential in the district and great coaching going on.
Had an excellent integration with the sports champions and kids there. It is wonderful that these athletes from very humble background are able to achieve so much from simple facilities provided to them. Gokul a Special Olympics Star and medal winner come from such a humble family that it is so awe inspiring.

The parents, coaches and athletes thought it was a wonderful initiative to set up this clinic. These children did not have such treatment facilities here at Palakkad till now and after injury have to travel long distances to other cities to get treated. The treatment is also very expensive in bigger cities.

Importance if #InjuryPrevention, early rehabilitation, sports specific physiotherapy and the difference of pediatric sports injuries from other types of injuries were counselled to these children. Impirtance of early injury detection, injury prevention and rehabilitation we’re stressed up on.

Children like Aniruddhan V (Roller Skater) who’s hard at practice with his cast on after fracturing his wrist is an inspiration to everyone. His father , Advocate Vinod , gave the introductory talk and introduced all the young athlete stars to the crowd and doctors. This was followed by talk by the other distinguished guests, athletes and Doctors.

We will be plunging into further activities soon to get the rehabilitation centre equipped for these pediatric athletes and organising camps, talks ….

Watch this space.

Meanwhile enjoy the scenes of the event ..

Dr. Easwar TR , Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon speaking at the event
Mr. Ashraf ,Vice President Co-operative Hospital at the inauguration
Dr Ravi G Nair , Senior Orthopedic Surgeon, speaking at the event

Dr. Nishanth with Dr. Ravi G Nair

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