A #COVID Warrior Tribute

COVID warrior. Art Ball pen on paper. A tribute to those who’ve laid down their lives risking self and family for others.

The COVID19 Challenge ~ MedTatva Apps

To help with ongoing #COVID2019 #Pandemic crisis we at https://medtatva.com have launched 2 apps 1) https://bit.ly/3dPx1Kx for #CoronaVirus Symptom checker to allay public fear and 2) #COVID19 #AI #Chest #Xray analyser for #healthcareprofessionals https://bit.ly/39Kvx0T You will need a free account to get started. Registering is simple and free. Get yours at https://medtatva.com/signup. Remember to readContinue reading “The COVID19 Challenge ~ MedTatva Apps”

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