A Dedicated Pediatric Sports Injury Clinic & Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre at Palakkad !

Pediatric Sports Injury Clinic at Palakkad, Kerala

Sports Injuries in Children – A increasing problem

Sports injuries in children are becoming very common as children are playing very aggressive contact sports. Children’s joints, cartilage, ligaments which bind the bone together, spine are subject to enormous loads in sports. This is proving to be common now as the sports become repetitive and over-strenuous. These injuries require a qualified pediatric orthopaedic and sports medicine trained surgeon to address them effectively who are very few in number. Additionally, the Paediatric Sports injuries are very different from adult sports injuries and they require special training and care to address.

Pediatric Sports Activity in Palakkad

Palakkad is a small town in Kerala state in southern India. It probably contributes probably the largest number of young athletes to India and Kerala. The athletic / sports scene is vibrant in Palakkad with many sports club training these children.

These clubs are dotted around Palakkad in far flung villages with difficult transport connectivity between them. Government run schools with little funding of their own to take care of the needs of the children. Needless to say many / most of the these children are from very poor background and need to travel from home for upto 2 hours catching several buses that ply in the early hours to reach the training ground on time for practice. After the early morning practice they return after practice on time for school which may involve long travel in a different direction.

Many of the children who live in remote villages around Palakkad travel after getting up at 2.45-3.00 am for up to 2 hours to get to the practice grounds on time. After finishing a rigorous practice session from 5 am to 7 am they travel another hour back home before rushing off to school. The practice then resumes in the evening.

Sports – a career, a path out of poverty for many families

The problems listed above are minor when compared to challenges of finance and the challenge of providing sports tailored nutrition to their children these families face. The fact that these families are soldiering on despite the odds speaks volumes of their dedication.

Needless to say any injury can be potentially career threatening and will bring down the career in one swift blow. In order to address concern of injury in the young athlete we are including Injury prevention advise, early care, state-of-the-art care at reasonable costs and other supportve measures via funding through generous charities.

For these families, success in sports is a path out from poverty towards a stable career. One of the main attractions for these families is the prospect of the child landing a job via the sports quota advertised by the state/ central governments.

Types of Sports Injuries in Children

Commonly injured joints in children are Knee, Ankle, Elbow, Wrist and Hip. In some sports involving lifting of weight or landing from heights, Spine injuries are also common.

Some children develop injury due to a one time severe trauma to joint. Many children sustain the injury after many months or years of over-use.

Common Sports Injuries seen in Children

The injuries can be divided into two types :

•Single event injury: Due to a single fall while playing or contact injury

•Repetitive injury: There are a result of overuse, poor bio mechanics. They develop over time as repeated small injuries accumulate.

The Start of the a dedicated Pediatric Sports Injury Clinic

We are happy to announce that we are formally starting a specialised clinic for Pediatric Orthopaedic Sports Injury at Palakkad, Kerala, India.

We are combining the pediatric orthopaedic care along with specialised rehabilitation facility. Most of the sports centres are those who concentrate of sports injuries in adults which like fractures and other diseases of adults are completely different and have to be managed differently.

Though the treatment of pediatric sports injuries, arthroscopy has been in informal existence for years, I am giving a formal structure to it now. I hope this will address the dearth of sports injury care facilities to care for these children. This will help us offer specialised, cost-effective, state of the art care in super-specialities of Pediatric Orthopaedics. This will be probably the only such clinic in Kerala which will focus on Pediatric Sports Injury.

In addition to providing services for injuries, the clinic will offer systematic program of injury prevention, counselling for parents and children, training/prehab for the children, injury prevention advise along with treatment of the sports injuries.

Anirudhan V, Roller Skater National Junior Champion prospect ~ an inspiration !

I am particularly inspired by the story of Anirudhan V,
studying in the 5th class at Bhavans Vidya Mandir, Chithali, Palakkad, Kerala. He is the son of Advocate S. Vinod and Advocate M. Deepa of Kuzhalmannam, a sub-urb of Palakkad in Kerala State.

Aniruddhan is now 12 years, (who with his Advocate father) has been religiously getting up at 3 am every morning for the past 4 years. He then rushing of to Coimbatore, a nearby town about one and half hour by road, where there are facilities for roller skating practice. After practicing for 2 hours he returns at 8 am and then does his full days school and then in the evening does his road practice on Roller Skates.

Aniruddhan V , on Roller Skates

It is no wonder then that Anirrudh is the Junior Level No:2 at the National Level and deserves every bit of encouragement he can get. He sustained an unfortunate accident and fractured his wrist last week. Aniruddhan has a cast on him now, but his spirit has not been dampened. I have recommended to practice roller skating with his cast on !

A clinic of hope for the young athlete

We are inaugurating the specialised clinic with the launch function on May 15th, evening at 5 pm at Government Medical College Athletic Ground. Mr.Haridas, of the Olympic Athletic Club, Palakkad is taking keen interest in organising the conducting the function. The Olympic Athletic Club, Palakkad has very receptive of the idea from the start. They have supported us in delivering care to these children. I thank them and Mr.Haridas for their support in this venture and especially providing these children with great coaching to succeed.

I will run the Pediatic Sports Injury Clinic at the Palakkad District Co-operative Hospital, Palakkad. The Rehabilitation deparment and physiotherapy will be set-up at Rajiv Gandhi Co-operative Hospital & Research Centre, Kallekkad, Palakkad.

Watch this space as we announce more related news and facilities …


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