Django EMR : Status Update and How i Moved to Dojo from jQuery

Hi, As usual updates are infrequent.I have moved from jQuery to Dojo as the front end development in jQuery was not satisfying for me. Dojo is more polished. I like the Dojo approach of bundling all the plugins and integrating it tightly rather than the add as you like approach of jQuery. Dijit is superb.

Of course Dojo documentation can do better. However, it has become so much better than a few releases ago.I have found that if you persist with it after some initial frustration, it is rather nice once the development picks up speed.

I chose to do the forms with minimal modification of Django code. I did not resort to Dojango which i feel binds the Django code too much to Dojo. What i have done is to set up series of JSON views which tries to remain as front end agnostic as possible.

Django and jQuery were both chosen when i was a newbie with both, so repetitive code was too much and refactoring had to be done. The current Django code is considerably leaner and cleaner not to mention the javascript.

I didnt have the heart to do way witht the jQuery project. So i decided to maintain both. Currently the focus is on Dojo. I am using both at my clinic and it seems to work fine. Development is progressing at a good pace.

Expect some screenshots soon …


By dreaswar

Consultant Paediatric Orthopaedic & Spine Surgeon,
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu & Palakkad, Kerala

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