Plone based Open Source Intranet Solution for Hospitals

As discussed in my previous post I have implemented an Open Source Intranet Solution in my Hospital, Ortho One Orthopaedic Speciality Centre, Coimbatore, India.

This is based on Plone. Customisation have been done to suit and hospital work flow. Necessary add-ons have been added to achieve the desired functionality along with custom scripts. Basic styling has been done to keep it simple and presentable.

Plone is served from an Ubuntu Server 12.04, 4GB Ram and 500 GB HDD. The processor is Core2Duo. This is a staging server. We may be shifting out once we have fitted the gaps and are ready to go live. That said the existing hardware serves well.

Here are a few screenshots:

Intranet Wall

Intranet wall for file dumping, discussions, chats, announcements.. even secret meetings !

Chat on Intranet.. Too lazy to create events, pages ? Chat away…

Staff Leave Calendar

Staff Leave Calendar

Intranet Login Page

The Login page…

Intranet Discussion Board

Discussion Board for the Intranet.


4 thoughts on “Plone based Open Source Intranet Solution for Hospitals

    1. dreaswar Post author

      Oh Thanks,
      Glad you like it.
      Will upload more as I keep customising it.
      Right now trying to create custom content types as the users ask for some specific features.


    1. dreaswar Post author

      Hi, Thanks for the comment.
      To be honest, I like Plone and am constantly trying to learn and develop it to fit our needs. I am not that conversant with Google apps and how it will fit our hospital needs. If you could point me to some links I would be happy to have a look, if not change from Plone 🙂



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