AuShadha Electronic Medical Records Development update

AuShadha Electronic Medical Records at has been seeing very slow development mostly due to pressures on my personal and professional front.

I could get back to development past few days and I have pushed a commit to master after some gap.

The Prescription App for Outpatient visits is ready.

Next stop is to implement Outpatient Reports.

Do check it out and let me know what you think.

You will need #Django1.7.2, #Python2.7x, #Dojo #Javascript Toolkit 1.13

2 thoughts on “AuShadha Electronic Medical Records Development update

  1. Richard Kim

    Sounds great. I’ll trying testing and giving feedback as soon as I can. Life has been a lot busier since years ago. Or maybe I am just less efficient in time management. Either way, I can’t wait to see the next stage of AuShadha.

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    1. dreaswar Post author

      likewise here. It has been so silent for Au for past few years. I could just settle a few things in family and divert some time for Au now. Would love your incisive feedback. I am just testing the current version and listing some issue on Github. Would be nice if you can add to that list as and when you get around to testing Au. Cheers !



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