#PySangamam presentation on #AuShadha done !

Had a lovely day at @PySangamam where I presented my experiences developing @aushadha_emr #ElectronicMedicalRecords or #EMR . Attaching below are some pictures of the event. https://t.co/hJteYzw822

I was pleasantly surprised on how open the crowd and organisers were to a talk delivered by a developer who’s primarily a doctor. It was organised beautifully.

PySangamam , the first Python Conference at Tamil Nadu

I’m excited to participate at #PySangamam the first Python Conference in Tamil Nadu at chennai Next month to talk on AuShadha EMR via #Townscript https://t.co/xipWgkYQDF via @townscript #Python #Django #webdevelopment @aushadha_emr

AuShadha Electronic Medical Records Development update

AuShadha Electronic Medical Records at https://github.com/dreaswar/AuShadha has been seeing very slow development mostly due to pressures on my personal and professional front. I could get back to development past few days and I have pushed a commit to master after some gap. The Prescription App for Outpatient visits is ready. Next stop is to implementContinue reading “AuShadha Electronic Medical Records Development update”

Developing Pluggable Modules for AuShadha – Tutorial – PART 1

AuShadha Open Source EMR has been made pluggable – well almost. The au_pluggable branch is meant to make it more pluggable that it was in master branch. Issues the monolithic AuShadha: Well, when I started this I myself was new to Django and programming in general. I learnt as I coded and as can beContinue reading “Developing Pluggable Modules for AuShadha – Tutorial – PART 1”

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