Cerebral-palsy Deformity Correction and Limb lengthening Pediatric Orthopedics

Cerebral Palsy – a talk and discussion with parents in Block Resource Center, Palakkad Kerala

It was so nice to meet and talk to the parents about #cerebralpalsy and #developmentaldelay in #children at the #puthur #brc in #palakkad yesterday

Stress was on the need for #earlyintervention and adherence to #treatment especially #physiotherapy. The challenges parents face while continuing care is an eyeopener everytime I hear them out.

As in most diseases, treatment challenges in #cerebralpalsy is more to do with #social, #familial and #accessibility issues than actual lack of desire.

Most parents are willing to face the #financial challenges if it means the child will improve. Many are disillusioned with existing treatment methods and fall out because of slow progress, lack of motivation from professionals around and also pure financial pressure. Many have siblings who are healthy and would like to divert their limited resources to that child. This is such an unfortunate choice , but many parents make it.

Such talks and interaction are a wonderful opportunity to break the ice, motivate and also clear their apprehensions on the treatment of cerebral palsy.

A big thanks to Puthur BRC for organising this meeting. More to follow 🙂

Attaching below a few pictures and also a short video which the BRC officials had shared.

A compilation of photos of the day