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Cerebral Palsy : Treatment Possibilities , a talk

Excited to address the #Calicut #Orthopaedic Club this Friday and speak to stalwarts, teachers and trainees on #CerebralPalsy and the #orthopaedic treatment possibilities.

I will speak on the need for early detection, treatment and also about the newly released hip surveillance guidelines.

The trainees and general orthopaedic surgeons need to understand the importance of early referral and the benefits of early treatment.

In India with its exploding healthcare facilities and young population, we need to be aware, equipped and future ready when it comes to cerebral Palsy care.

Cerebral Palsy – Treatment Possibilities

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Clubfoot : The basics for Parents

Recently at Baby Memorial Hospital, Kozhikode we recorded a talk to introduce parents and caregivers the basics about the treatment of Clubfoot.

I am sharing below the Facebook link of the talk