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AuShadha Electronic Medical Records Development update

AuShadha Electronic Medical Records at has been seeing very slow development mostly due to pressures on my personal and professional front. I could get back to development past few days and I have pushed a commit to master after some gap. The Prescription App for Outpatient visits is ready. Next stop is to implement Outpatient Reports. Do check it out and let me know what you think. You will need #Django1.7.2, #Python2.7x, #Dojo #Javascript Toolkit 1.13

Moving to Gitlab

With the acquisition of Github by Microsoft, regardless of the promises made now, I thought it would be best to move my repos somewhere else. That somewhere right now seems to be GitLab. Im #MovingtoGitLab. All my repos across GitHub and BitBucket have been moved there and I intend to continue development there. AuShadha (Au) which I had worked on for so long had taken a back set for some years now as pressing personal and professional commitments caused interruptions. ICD 10 parser, ICD10 PCS parser, FDA DrugBankCa medication list… Read more Moving to Gitlab

Osteogenesis Imperfecta

Osteogenesis Imperfecta is a congenital disorder of bones that has varied types and presentations. Severity varies based on the type of the genetic mutation that causes this disorder. Regardless of the type the genetic modification cause malformed and weak bones and in some cases malformed teeth. Bone bend and deform or break easily and heals in deformed position. This results in cosmetic deformity along with issues with walking , standing for the child. The bend of the bone if significant can cause repeated fractures either due to poor handling by… Read more Osteogenesis Imperfecta


For all those who were following AuShadha Open Source EMR project hosted at GitHub there’s news.  I had paused developing for sometime due to pressure of time.  The development has restarted for past few months (no commits ) and am planning to branch of development into AuShadha2.0 with changes to the core, Dojo 1.12 JavaScript library, Django1.10 support and Python3.x support.  This is a version written with lessons of what were not ideal practices in previous version.  Watch this space. Will post more by the end of this month. 

Sanskritam at IIT

IITs has been asked to teach Samskritam … read all about it ! …..screamed our electronic media. The reaction has been mostly negative. Occasional person voicing some positive comments. Twitter has been abuzz, specifically with people and blogs quoting Deputy CM of Delhi, Mr. Manish Sisodia to the effect that whether the nex-gen JS version is really worth the upgrade over Samskritam. What better could one expect from a party whose leader is a self-confessed anarchist. Armed with my usual salt ( a pinch is too small a dose. I… Read more Sanskritam at IIT

Would you wear a garment without a blouse?

At a politically tumultuous time when you’re not even sure what secularism, nationalism, sedition, freedom of speech in particular and freedom in general (aazaadi) is, we have here a  peice on what constitutes ….for want of better words , shall we say and in the process provoke a redefinition of the word ‘decently dressed’. Thought provoking for the impartial inquirer, revolting to the convent educated elite, too much for even the liberalism chanting neavueau-upworldly mobile, slap in the face for ultra-conservatives. All at the same time. Are we staring at… Read more Would you wear a garment without a blouse?